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Why Parking Lot Design Can Increase Security

Parking Lot
The right parking lot design can make for a secure atmosphere that keeps everyone safe.

Secure parking lots or garages are an essential part of many businesses, government buildings, or other large facilities with a need for adequate parking that doesn’t sacrifice safety. Developing the proper parking lot design means taking numerous factors into mind, one of which is the security of guests and employees who are going to utilize the parking structure. Oftentimes, this means using the correct physical security structures as well as implementing enough technology and creative design elements. No one likes to feel unsafe when traversing a parking structure so it’s critical that we think of ways to protect everyone involved, whether that involves the use of louvers or other security structures. Below, we take a look at a few ways parking lot design can maximize safety by prioritizing security principles.

Using Security Structures

Physical security barriers are often one of the most simple ways of adding an extra layer of defense to a parking facility. This could include your typical fencing options, such as chainlink or even a wood fence, though many are opting for louvers as a fencing option. Louvers can still allow for sound and air to flow freely while restricting vision and acting as a preventative measure for anyone who may try to climb over and gain access. If you’re truly concerned about security within a parking lot, you may want to look into louvers or other kinds of fences.

Adding Lighting

Deterring crime often requires you to think about the psychology of a criminal. Most criminal acts are merely taking advantage of a perceived opportunity—and in many cases, that’s the result of poor lighting. If there is inadequate lighting in an area, it’s less likely that you’re going to get caught committing a crime. By adding additional lighting and making sure a parking lot or garage is well lit, you can help reduce the risk that criminals are going to get up to no good. 

Installing Cameras

As far as security approaches go, you can never go wrong with installing cameras. They work as a psychological deterrent merely by being present. They also give you a record to look back at in the event that a crime does go down. Just make sure whatever cameras are installed are high enough resolution to actually be helpful in those situations.

Security Personnel

As much as the right design can help, it’s important to have a physical presence with actual personnel as well. Having one or two guards patrolling makes everyone feel safer and they can answer questions as well. 


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