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3 Anti-Climbing Measures You May Want to Look Into

Anti-Climbing Measures

Your custom louvers already act as a theft deterrent, but there are other anti-climbing measures out there that can increase security even more.

If you’re dealing with the security of a commercial facility, security is no joke. There are many options to look into, including louvers, which are great at both deterring crime and preventing anyone from actually being able to enter a facility. That said, you may want to beef up your custom louvers with additional security measures just to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to keep your building safe. This may be a necessity for some industries, especially those that deal with sensitive information that can’t be breached. We’re going to take a look at some anti-climbing measures that could complement your custom louvers and help improve security overall.

Defensive Wire

Whether you’re using barbed or razor wire, this is often an option used in many industrial settings. It may not always be feasible depending on your louver configuration, but where suitable, barbed or razor wire can be incredibly effective. You also need to make sure you’re taking a look at any local regulations. That said, defensive wiring is often only suitable for very industrial areas and isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing defensive mechanism out there. If you’re not worried about anyone seeing your louvers or your fence and just want something that’s effective, defensive wires may be a good option for you.

Creative Plants

On the other hand of the spectrum, you have plants. Nature can be an incredibly effective way of discouraging people and is also great at keeping aesthetics up to par. If your facility is incredibly visible and you have numerous guests or visitors coming by, you may want to look into the right kinds of plants. There are lots of shrubs, bushes, and even vines out there that grow large thorns and can help discourage anyone from trying to get over your louvers. Because it’s a natural option, this is sometimes favorable as it presents less of a risk to wildlife, so it’s a good choice if your business is near nature.


Manufactured spikes aren’t always ideal, especially not against someone who really knows what they’re doing. That said, it can help reduce crimes of opportunity and act as a general deterrent. There are plenty of long, angled spike options out there that can go a long way in increasing the security of a facility and can be applied to fences or louvers.


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