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How Could You Enhance the Physical Security Setup on Your Commercial Property?

How Could You Enhance the Physical Security Setup on Your Commercial Property?

If you’re trying to improve the physical security of your workspace, you’re in the right place.

Depending on the kind of industry you’re in, security might mean a handful of different things for your organization. In a hospital, security usually keeps your team safe from possible threats by keeping shady individuals from coming in and out. In many offices, however, security is a lot more than just a security guard standing at your door. You must be aware of the threats from both the digital and physical sources that can risk the safety of everyone, from protecting your intellectual property and trade secrets to the expensive materials and tools you’ll need to work with. If you’re trying to improve the physical security of your workspace, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn about some helpful information and tips for protecting your commercial property!

Does Your Physical Security Actually Need Protection?

These days, there is so much focus on cybersecurity, but there are plenty of situations where somebody could lie or charm their way into a property to steal some data, documents, and materials. If you don’t have physical security procedures that are just as crucial as your cybersecurity ones, your team won’t realize the threats they are actually granting access to. It seems friendly and nice to hold the door open for someone coming in from a storm, but are you positive they’re an employee or staff team member? If not, what might they learn just by walking around the facility or looking over someone’s shoulders?

Prevent Threats from Gaining Access

The perfect security defense system is around your workspace’s perimeter, usually through a set of fencing, but it might also include motion sensors, employee key fob controlled access, security cameras, and a lot more. It would help if you also tried ensuring you have a complete system for inventory and monitoring access to your business equipment, like computers, badges, uniforms, and a lot more. Do not forget to include employee training in your company’s security strategy. Also, make sure there is a strong emergency plan and a capable individual present to look over and enhance your physical security setup.

Protecting from Peeping Eyes

Since the internet is full of threats who want to steal, see, and lock you out from your personal data, a large part of cybersecurity is protecting from peering eyes. Make sure your workspace is protected from physical eyes as well. If you allow visitors into your building, make sure you do not have work areas visible from common spaces such as break rooms, lounges, and hallways. You can do this with mirrored glass and custom louvers from Hercules Custom Louvers.


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