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3 Ways to Match Your Landscape Design With Your Louvers

Making your landscape design consistent with your custom louvers requires thinking about a few design elements.

Cultivating the right look for your property is never an easy task. This is because you want to find the right balance of utility and aesthetics, all while working within whatever your brand is. Your ultimate goal is to create a look that works for you. Often when developing the exterior of a commercial building, many people take the time to create a landscape that works for them. Another important element is including security structures such as louvers. Here are our tips for keeping your louvers consistent with your landscape design.

1. Creating Verticality

The beauty of custom louvers is that they can be designed around whatever your specific application may be. In some cases, that means finding the right height that works for your property. Matching your height to your landscape is a necessity. First of all, you want to create some dynamic contrast between the visual aesthetic of your property and having some elements be higher or lower than others allows for a complete picture. One thing to keep in mind: if security is the primary reason you installed your louvers, be aware that trees can pose a security risk and allow people to hop over your louvers.

2. Incorporating Materials

When thinking about your louvers, you’re going to be using a metal material. The most common one used with the fabrication of custom louvers is aluminum. Aluminum is great because it’s malleable and can be twisted into whatever shape you need to fit in with your landscape. Thinking about what colors and shapes you’d like to see is a great way to end up with a landscape that complements your louvers and vice versa. 

3. Use What’s There

Thankfully, aluminum louvers are intended to be customized and fit in with a number of applications. The real question is what you already have at your disposal. You want to survey your land and take a step back to really imagine what the possibilities are. A custom louver can be fitted for any number of gaps, so there truly is a huge number of options.


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