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What Role Do Louvers Play in Your Security Plan?

What Role Do Louvers Play in Your Security Plan?

Knowing how to create a reliable security plan and implement louvers where applicable is integral. Read on to learn where louvers play a role!

The proper approach towards security, namely commercial security, includes keeping everybody safe. Whether this is your employees’ safety, data, physical property, clientele, or company vehicles, a solid security plan is a must if you wish to protect everything. There are many determining factors that go into your commercial security plan, including everything from your usual CCTV systems to more traditional security barriers like gates, fences, and of course, louvers. Knowing how to create a reliable security plan and implement louvers where applicable is an integral part of securing your commercial property. Read on to learn how louvers play a role in creating your security plan!

Know Where You Should Start

Just like a lot of things, commercial security plans benefit significantly from planning ahead. If you are able to design your facility with louvers in mind, it will give you much more control over how they’re implemented into your own security protocols. Even if you are not aware of your property’s needs off the back, it is best to plan ahead whenever possible and think about the average foot traffic flows, and what could be done that won’t reduce any efficiencies. It’s all about keeping things moving as they should, all while keeping security and protection in mind. For example, you wouldn’t want to install newer security louvers only to realize that not everybody knows how to access them. So, take some time to plan ahead. It will go quite a long way in making sure that everything runs as smoothly as it can.

Figure Out Your Vulnerabilities

Where do you wish to prioritize your security efforts? If you can figure out which physical security vulnerabilities are an issue for you and your property, it will help direct your plan into full swing. It could take some time installing modern-day technology like access control systems, or you might just have to add a few custom louvers to handle some of the security worries. Regardless, taking a stroll around your facility and keeping a list of any potential vulnerabilities is a smart thing to do before any discussions on how you can really improve your exterior security.

Simple Implementation

Transparency is key when making sure that both visitors and employees understand just what is happening with your security. All your employees should be trained on the basics of your security plan, including knowing how to use access control systems, knowing which areas are accessible, and knowing where the exits all are. Well-lit and clear signage can go a long way in helping both your guests and employees know where they should be.


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