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How Industrial Louvers Can Protect You from Extreme Weather

How Industrial Louvers Can Protect You from Extreme Weather
As natural disasters become more and more frequent, industrial louvers can protect you and your property from danger.

Although we don’t typically get hit by hurricanes on our side of the east coast, brutal storms and flooding can still occur once in a blue moon. However, we’re all too familiar with images of boarded-up buildings and horrific storm and flooding damage. As natural disasters become more and more frequent and intense, proper planning is key for building owners – and for anybody responsible for designing or protecting buildings that may have sensitive information to protect. Here’s how industrial louvers can protect you and your property from extreme weather conditions in the future.

Why Industrial Louvers?

When it comes to dangerous winds, plywood just does not cut it. Industrial louvers can provide the ultimate protection from extreme wind and water damage in zones that might be affected by brutal storms. Some buildings closer to beaches or bodies of water often have codes that require industrial louvers designed to protect them, and picking the right one can be the difference between a non-event and severe storm damage to you and your property. Industrial louvers can provide your property protection against small and large missile impacts from high-wind debris and resistance to water infiltration from high-velocity rain. This is all due to their slatted design pattern and sturdy materials used.

A Rising Threat

Extreme weather disaster events affect every bit of the country, but mostly on the coasts, where most building code requirements mandate louvers that can handle harsh weather conditions. Buildings by the shores can be pelted by debris from storms, which can lead to serious property damage or even death if you aren’t careful. If you live by a body of water that has code requirements, it’s wise to protect your building and property in general with some tough industrial louvers.  

The Right Louver for You? Industrial Louvers

Take all things into consideration when selecting your louvers. Think about your needs and applications that you need to protect when picking a style of louver. When you choose a designed industrial louver, you’re considering all factors before they are built and installed. At Hercules Custom Louvers, we will ensure that everything that you need to be secure will be protected. Dangerous storms could negatively affect many different things, such as commercial generators and HVAC systems. Without these up and running during a vicious storm, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.

In today’s day and age, where environmental concerns are prevalent, and natural disasters seemingly happen every other day, you should install industrial louvers in your home to protect your essential home appliances in case of an actual emergency.


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