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3 Kinds of Physical Security Barriers to Consider

Security Barriers

There are many options out there when it comes to security barriers. Which one is right for you and your application?

Many opt to install fences or louvered fencing as a means of keeping their property safe and secure. There are plenty of options on the market for many different kinds of niche applications, so it really depends on what you’re looking for, what kind of maintenance you want to do, how much you want to spend, and so on. Thwarting would-be burglars or anyone else who may be up to no good is an essential part of maintaining your property’s integrity, so physical security barriers are often necessary. Today, we want to take a look at three of the most common physical security barriers and just what they’re capable of.

1. Chain Link Fences

Chain link, sometimes called steel mesh, are made of thick posts set into concrete with steel meshing in between. This fence is almost exclusively used for security purposes because they’re hard to climb, hard to cut, and there are extensions available like barbed wire to increase your security even more. Chain link is typically known for being fairly drab and draconic, and even though there are different options out there regarding colors, it may not create the aesthetic you want. Plus, chain link fences offer little to no privacy because they’re easy to see through.

2. Custom Louvers

Custom louvers are made of slatted metal, which prevents anyone from seeing inside but still allows for airflow and sound transfer. While chain link fence may be the answer for covering large swaths of land thanks to its low cost, custom louvers are perfect for beefing up the security of a specific area. This is especially the case if you care about privacy and don’t want anyone knowing what’s going on behind your physical security barriers. Louvers are available in a number of styles and designs.

3. Wood Fences

Wood security fences are a classic and you already know what one looks like. As far as customization and aesthetics go, this may be one of the more sought after options, though sometimes wood fences can be easy to scale. If security isn’t a huge concern but just one of many, a wooden security fence may be ideal for you.


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