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How Does the Project Management Triangle Relate to Your Custom Louvers?

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Have you ever heard of the project management triangle? It may have an impact on the final quality of any build, including custom louvers.

Most construction jobs adhere to a concept known as the Project Management Triangle. This concept is used to help us think about what the overall quality of a building project is going to be and can help determine things like how long the project will take, how much work is going to be done, and how much money is going to be spent on the finalized product. In the case of custom louvers, this can really alter what you get out of the whole building process, so let’s break it down.

1. The Cost

Your custom louver installer should be able to provide you with an estimate for how much the whole project is going to cost. Of course, this is always subject to change depending on what happens or if you end up changing your mind about what you need. You should expect some flexibility in that initial price, after all that’s why they call it an estimate, but nonetheless you want to know an approximate cost up front. Just remember that the longer the project takes or the more you want to do, the more your cost is going to be.

2. Time Spent

If you need the job done in a rush or you want to spend a lot of a builders’ time getting everything right, you’re going to need to spend more, but that may be worth it. Rush jobs can make the job difficult for a builder, so it’s always best if you’re able to compromise on how much time can be spent on the job. That said, you don’t want the job to go on for too long, either, which is why deadlines are always important to establish.

3. Scope of the Project

What do you really need out of your louvers? Are you looking for ultra-custom shapes to fit a specific spot? Do you need a gate? Are you trying to create an enclosure for an HVAC system or a generator? Or maybe you’re just looking for better privacy and security? There are, of course, numerous reasons to invest in custom louvers. The real question is what features matter most to you and how those features are going to impact installation time and your bottom dollar. Working with a qualified expert who knows the ins-and-outs of custom louvers can go a long way in maintaining the right balance for your project.


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