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Why Your Business Property Should Invest in a Company Generator

Why Your Business Property Should Invest in a Company Generator

Having a generator set up is an intelligent way to keep the ball rolling.

Power outages and blackouts usually leave business owners and building managers unable to do business as usual. Especially when bad weather is to blame, these events aren’t something that can be controlled and stopped. Here in Maryland especially, the weather can be very unpredictable, so it is crucial to be prepared. Having a generator set up is an intelligent way to keep the ball rolling, even once the electricity is gone. If you’re like a few reasons why you should invest in a generator for your business property, then read on!

Adequate Preparation with a Generator

Horrible weather is one usual reason for power outages. While these events cannot be controlled or stopped, you can keep a keen eye on reports when tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunderstorms are coming. In addition to weather, damage to power lines or power grid failures can also cause power outages. Ultimately, proper preparation is the best way for you to address this problem. Become proactive by protecting your company by installing a generator for your business property.

Power When You Need It

Before disaster truly strikes and you’re left without any options, you should invest in either a diesel or a gas generator. Regardless of the kind of facility you’re in charge of, one of these generators will provide power to your entire space for the short term and can be extended for future use. For the best advice about what your facility needs, you should ask an electrician who can test the electricity and provide a report for your usage data. 

What You Will Need For a Generator

An automatic transfer switch will keep track of your utility power and, during a power outage, transfer the electricity from the utility into the generator. Since it is automatic, when power to the utility is restored, the transfer switch moves back to the utility and shuts down the entire generator. An uninterruptible power supply could be used for short-term outages as well. Once you have a generator set up, it should be tested, maintained, and protected to make sure that it remains in ideal working condition, especially when you need it. You would not want to get caught without power and have a generator that isn’t functioning. Occasionally run your generator, so it does not ever sit idle for a long time. Make sure you’ve got plenty of fuel for it. A set of custom louvers from Hercules is a great solution if you’d like to protect your generator from weather conditions too.


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