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Which Extra Security Barriers Could Help Your Facility?

Which Extra Security Barriers Could Help Your Facility?

There are a lot of security barriers out there that can fit onto your property in a big way.

When trying to beef up security in your commercial property, it is crucial to make sure you are covering all of your bases. Between protecting clients, visitors, employees, and visitors, it is often essential to consider all your options. There are, thankfully, a lot of security barriers out there that can complement your louvers in a big way. Let us take a look at three security barriers that your property could benefit from.

Security Louvers

Louvers are very similar to fences, but they’re slatted, allowing airflow while offering less visibility than your usual fence. This is an ideal solution if you’re concerned about privacy in addition to security, as it could keep peering eyes away from your facility. Most louvers are made out of aluminum, which is an excellent material that does not require much maintenance, if any. Louvers are a fantastic choice if you need to promote airflow too, which might be the case if you are fencing in an air conditioner or electric generator unit.

Security Barriers: Bollards

Bollards are the big round posts that are usually around most commercial buildings. You might not realize what they are for, but their purpose is to help protect against accidental or intentional vehicle accidents/crashes. They are also great at helping define the barrier between walking areas and roads. This is a good option if you are in an area with high foot traffic, along with vehicle traffic, as it could keep the two separated and stop dangerous crashes.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fences are excellent security fences that make it hard for intruders to gain access to your building. Palisade fencing is built out of galvanized steel with rods spaced far out, which makes for a very useful security barrier. Not only is steel a tough material that will undoubtedly live up to your expectations, but it also makes it challenging for anyone to climb, and the spaces between the rods make it hard for anyone to squeeze through. If somebody were to try to climb over, most palisade fences have spikes on the very top to prevent anybody from getting over.

These are all excellent security barriers for you to consider. If you need any help deciding on which option is the very best for your facility, give Hercules Custom Louvers a call today!


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