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The Best Ways to Protect Your Building’s HVAC System from Theft

The Best Ways to Protect Your Building's HVAC System from Theft

If you care about security and privacy on your property, then you must prioritize safety with your HVAC system as well.

Building owners and managers know that HVAC systems provide a very tempting target full of valuable metal and components that can easily be snagged away. If you care about security and privacy on your property, then you must prioritize safety with your HVAC system as well. There are several ways you can protect it properly. The following guide provides a handful of practical and effective ways to protect your HVAC system from any thieves.

Why is My HVAC Unit Targeted?

There’s a number of reasons HVAC units are targeted by thieves. For one, HVAC units contain valuable metals. Most HVAC units have coils and copper pipes. This metal can be sold to recycling companies and salvage yards, usually with no questions asked about its origin. HVAC units are generally in secluded areas. HVAC units are typically installed in locations where they’re not normally seen. These include roofs, garages, parking lots, or regions hidden behind buildings. This might improve the aesthetics of the spot, but it provides an environment where thieves can operate.

Protecting Your HVAC System From Theft

Here are a couple of ways to protect your HVAC system from theft.

Install an Alarm for Your HVAC System

Alarm systems are available that can monitor any of the specific characteristics of an HVAC unit. Install an alarm system that sounds off if the HVAC system is damaged or tampered with. You can also install an alarm that keeps track of refrigerant line pressure and noise if the lines are damaged or cut. Some of these HVAC system alarms can also make a loud siren-like noise if an attempt is made to move the system at all.

Reduce Accessibility 

You can help protect your HVC system from thieves by reducing or eliminating all accessibility. For example, make sure that there are no ladders left on the side of the buildings that can allow access to the roof. If it’s possible, move the exterior parts of the HVAC system to a more visible spot or an area where it is more difficult for thieves to maneuver.

Increase Perimeter and Outdoor Security for your HVAC System

Boost the amount of lighting in the spot around the HVAC system and incorporate some motion detectors that turn lights on once movement is detected. One other way to protect your unit is with louvers. Louvers are security barriers that can provide adequate protection from both the elements and intruders. You can also have custom made louvers installed around your HVAC unit from Hercules Custom Louvers to protect it.


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