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The Best Security Practices for Your Parking Lot

The Best Security Practices for Your Parking Lot

Security technology continues to change the way many businesses operate on a day-to-day basis.

Security technology continues to change the way many businesses operate on a day-to-day basis. The parking industry is no exception, either. In recent years, operators have moved towards automated and unmanned garages. These garages feature little to no security, with drivers being greeted with user-friendly ticket dispensers, all to go along with self-service payment stations. However, this does not stop any thieves from stealing or robbing people in parking lots and garages. Fortunately, the security industry has proven solutions available. Here are some of the best practices for securing your parking lot or garage.

Emergency Help Stations

When garage patrons feel scared, they want help immediately. And it’s not that unusual for mobile phone service to fail underneath these thick concrete walls. That’s when emergency stations, both wall-mount boxes or towers, are needed to provide immediate assistance. With the push of a button, customers can be in contact with a security professional within seconds. Built-in video cameras provide security employees with additional information to help locate and evaluate the situation.

Proper Fencing

This applies more to a parking lot, but adequate fencing is another way that you can ensure the safety of all your customers. One of the finest first lines of defense is a louvered fence. Louvers are an excellent option when it comes to securing and fencing off a parking lot, as they still allow for airflow and sound transfer while diminishing the ability to see who is on the other side. They are also challenging to climb over, meaning that people within your parking lot or facility will not need to worry about someone hopping over it and damaging or looting their vehicle.

Charging Areas

With more and more electric-powered cars out on the road, many parking facilities are installing self-charging stations as an added convenience for patrons. These are also lovely places to add a separate communications station for any assistance about the charging process or to report to an emergency.

Video Camera Surveillance

Live, real-time video from a set of security cameras lets offsite security personnel find and take action on possible or real problems before they cause any more damage. However, choose cameras for their ability to provide clear and sharp video in low-light spots. This applies to both parking garages and lots. When it is dark out, thieves or criminals tend to be on the prowl the most. Install these cameras by the entries and exits, pay stations, elevators, and stairwells.


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