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Keeping Your HVAC Unit Protected Properly

Keeping Your HVAC Unit Protected Properly

If you worry about your security and privacy on your property, then you must prioritize safety in your building and its HVAC unit.

Building managers and owners both know just how important their HVAC units provide a bit of a tempting target for thieves. Due to the amount of valuable components, metals, and other pieces, it is the ideal target for a crafty thief to steal in the middle of the night. If you worry about your security and privacy on your property, then you must prioritize safety in your building and its HVAC unit. There are various ways you can protect it, all without having to ever check up on it. This blog will list the most practical ways to protect your HVAC system from any potential thieves! Read on to learn a few of the best ways to keep your HVAC unit fully protected!

Why Would an HVAC Unit Be Targeted?

There are some reasons why thieves go after HVAC systems. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, HVAC units contain a lot of valuable materials, metals, and parts. Many HVAC units have copper coils and pipes. This type of metal could be sold or pawned off to different recycling companies and salvage yards, usually with no questions asked about the origin. HVAC systems are usually in secluded spots, too, like a backyard or close by in a parking garage, where they’re not usually seen. Parking lots, roofs, and other hidden regions are included. This might improve the overall look or aesthetics of an area, and it does provide a spot where thieves can swoop in and make their move.

Install Alarms for The HVAC Unit

Alarm systems are now available that can help monitor any of the certain characteristics of the HVAC system. Install alarm systems that sound off if the unit is messed with or damaged in any way. You can install an alarm that will also keep track of a refrigerant line pressure and the sound if lines that are connected are damaged or cut. A couple of these HVAC system alarms might also make a loud siren-like noise if an attempt is made to move these systems in any fashion.

Restrict Access to Your HVAC Unit

You could help protect your HVAC unit from any thieves by reducing or eliminating accessibility. For example, remove ladders that are sitting outside your building that might be tempting for some people to gain unwarranted access. Anything you can do to restrict the number of people who have gained access to the system will go quite a long way in helping. You can also help your case by installing some louvers, motion detectors, or fences around your property.


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