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Anti-Climbing Structures You Should Install Around Your Facility

Anti-Climbing Structures You Should Install Around Your Facility

If you are handling the security of a commercial property, then you need some form of anti-climbing structures.

If you are handling the security of a commercial property, it’s something that you have to take seriously. There are a lot of different choices for you to look into, including a set of louvers, which are great at deterring potential crimes and preventing people from being able to come into your property. Keeping that in mind, you still want to enhance your security setup just a tad to ensure that you’re doing everything possible to keep the premises safe from danger. This could be required in certain industries, especially the ones that handle sensitive information that can’t afford to be breached. Read on to learn all about anti-climbing structures that can benefit your custom louvers and help enhance perimeter security!

Defensive Wiring

Whether you’re using a set of barbed wires or razors, this is typically a choice used in the average industrial setting. Depending on the louver layout, it may not always be a feasible choice, but where it applies, razor and barbed wire can be quite effective. You also must make sure you’re taking a look at every local regulation. That being said, defensive wiring is normally only applicable for extremely industrial spots and isn’t always one of the most pleasant-looking anti-climbing structures. If you’re not concerned about the possibility of anyone noticing your fence or louvers and just want a useful and robust form of defense, then these wires are a good choice.

Unique and Creative Plants

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have different plants. Nature can be a good way to discourage people from breaking in, and it is also good at keeping aesthetics up to snuff. If your building is visible and you’ve got multiple people coming in and out, you should consider the right kinds of plants and shrubbery. There are plenty of shrubs, bushes, and vines out there that might grow big thorns and help discourage anyone from trying to hop over your custom louvers. Since it is a natural choice, this is sometimes a good idea as it presents less risk to any wildlife nearby.

Plenty of Spikes

Manufacturer spikes are not a good idea all the time, especially not against someone who knows what they are doing. That being said, it can still help cut down on crimes of opportunity and acts as a dependable deterrent. There are many angled spike choices that go a long way toward improving the security of your facility and can be applied to louvers and fences alike.


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