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Why Winter is the Ideal Time to Install Louvers


Winter may not seem like the ideal to install new louvers but you would be surprised!

When the temperatures start to dip, probably the last thing that enters your mind is doing any outdoor installations on your property. Maybe this article will help change your perspective on the topic by revealing many of the advantages that come with installing louvers in the winter.

Easier Landscape

The process of installing louvers in the winter is much more straightforward than in other seasons. Because most trees, shrubs, other plants, and the grass are all dormant during this season, it allows workers the freedom to move freely without disturbing the landscape. In addition, none of these features will be affected by the installation and are much less likely to be damaged while work is being completed.

Quicker Installation

Contractors and louver installers are much less busy in the winter. The cold temperatures and sometimes harsh conditions mean that there is a much lower demand for exterior work. As a result, if you choose to schedule this type of service in the winter, you will benefit from a quicker installation time, and possibly even better prices. By the time spring rolls around, you’ll already have the necessary installation completed, having beat the rush.

Less Interference

In the winter, many people choose to stay in more often. If there are activities that take place, they happen indoors. This means that there will be much less interference for installing your louvers. There won’t be as much foot traffic as there would be in warmer seasons. The workers will be able to complete the installation much quicker, and with a smoother schedule, weather permitting, when there are less people that need to move through the work site.

Less Initial Maintenance

Like fences, your vehicle, and even the exterior of your building, louvers also require some maintenance that will prepare it to withstand the frigid temperatures and conditions of winter. However, if you install your louvers in the winter, you avoid having to take those initial winter maintenance steps. New louvers will hold up better against winter weather conditions than ones installed in earlier seasons.


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