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Why Industrial Louvers are Perfect for Protection from the Weather

Why Industrial Louvers are Perfect for Protection from the Weather

As natural disasters become much more frequent and more strong, proper planning is required for building owners.

Although we do not typically get hit by hurricanes on our section of the east coast, intense storms and floods can occasionally occur. However, we’re all too familiar with the images of boarded-up buildings and terrible storm and flood damage. As natural disasters become much more frequent and more strong, proper planning is required for building owners – and anyone responsible for designing or protecting buildings with sensitive information. Here are a couple of ways industrial louvers can protect you and your property from extreme weather conditions in the near future.

Why Pick Industrial Louvers?

When it comes down to dangerous winds, simple plywood does not cut it. Industrial louvers can provide the best protection from extreme wind and water damage in zones that could be affected by brutal storms. Individual buildings that are closer to the beach or bodies of water usually have codes that require industrial louvers designed to protect them. Choosing the right one could be the difference between a non-event and serious storm damage to you and your property. Industrial louvers provide you with protection against dangerous impacts from high-wind debris and resistance to water infiltration from high-impact rain. This is all because of their slatted design pattern and materials that are used for construction.

A Potential Threat

Extreme weather disaster events affect every single section of the country, but mostly on the coasts, where most of the building code requirements require louvers that are able to handle harsh weather conditions. Buildings by beaches can be pelted by debris from storms, which leads to severe property damage and even death if you aren’t careful. If you live close to any body of water with any code requirements, it is wise to protect your building and property in general with some reliable industrial louvers.

Why Industrial Louvers are the Perfect Fit

Take everything into consideration when you are selecting your louvers. Think about the applications that you have to protect when choosing the type of louver. When you pick a designed industrial louver, you are considering everything before they’re constructed and installed. Here at Hercules, we will ensure that everything you need to be safe will, in fact, be protected. Dangerous storms could also negatively affect a lot of things, like your HVAC units or generators. Without these protected from the harsh weather elements, you run the risk of your building not being in good shape for the incoming cold weather. Install some industrial louvers, so you never have to worry!


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