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How Decorative Louvers Can Add Character to Your Property

How Decorative Louvers Can Add Character to Your Property

Louvers can be very aesthetically pleasing in the right situation.

Louvers are excellent additions to any form of property. They are often used as a form of security or protection, but they can also play a different role by character to your property. They can be very aesthetically pleasing in the right situation. Louvers were initially used as a ventilation device to improve airflow and cool off homes. Today, buildings are increasingly incorporating louvers as a decorative feature, while also providing a sense of security to the property owner. Because of this difference in use, louvers can have slightly different design features. Here’s how decorative louvers can add appeal to your property.

Paint Smooth Louvers or Stain Woodgrain Louvers  

Painting or staining your decorative louvers can add depth to your home’s exterior. Paint the louvers to match the existing trim to create a sleek, cohesive look. Or, add more character by framing the decorative louver with trim painting a contrasting color. Hercules Custom Louvers makes it easy to customize your louvers – as they come in many shade or color that you wish.

Create a Custom Look With Louver Accessories

In addition to trim, decorative louvers can be customized using other accessory items. Brickmould and keystone can be used to add a much more distinct style for your property. These additions would look excellent on your roof or even by your HVAC unit.

Bring Attention to Existing Architectural Features

Louvers can also be used to highlight any other architectural features on a home’s exterior. Draw eyes to the entryway by installing decorative louvers above the front door. Or, consider making gabled rooflines a focal point by installing a large louver centerpiece.

Louvers for Security

Decorative louvers can also provide a sense of privacy and security for your home as well. If you decide to install louver shaded windows, they can retract when you want to block off anyone from looking inside your home. If you plan on installing louvers for your home’s HVAC unit, they will protect it from the harsh weather conditions or any other outside threats from messing around with it. As beautiful as decorative louvers are, you can use them to your advantage to give your property a solid form or security or privacy, all while looking aesthetically pleasing in the process! Hercules Custom Louvers will help you determine which kind of louver, as well as the size, will be needed for installation for the best look.


When you are ready for quality louvers, the professionals at Hercules Custom Louvers are ready to help. For more information and to learn how we can meet your custom louver needs, contact Hercules Custom Louvers online or giving us a call at 1-800-331-2590. We will ensure your investment serves your property for years to come! For updates and to see projects we’re working on, visit us on FacebookTwitterTwitterYouTube, and Pinterest.

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