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A Guide to Louver Height Measurements

A Guide to Louver Height Measurements

You have to keep in mind the importance of the louver height regulations.

When you have a robust set of louvers, or you’re considering installing a set, you have to keep in mind the importance of the louver height regulations. These regulations will help determine which kinds of louvers you can and can’t install. If you don’t follow these regulations, then you could face some consequences, like possibly having to remove your louvers. You will want to avoid any possible trouble, so following the rules is paramount. Read on to learn more about louver height and size regulation rules!

Why is Louver’s Height Such an Important Measurement?

Of all the different regulations about louvers, height can sometimes be strict. Other features of louvers, such as style, could sometimes be a lot more flexible depending on where you’re living. However, louver height always comes with its own set of regulations, no matter your location. Hercules Custom Louvers is here to help you figure out your jurisdiction’s regulations and laws about height and size.

How is the Height of Your Louver Set Measured?

The grade of your set of louver’s base is where measurements start, and you measure all the way up to the louver’s highest point. Make sure that you include all types of accessories of your louvers in the height total, such as foils, decorative components, or gaps within their design. Remember that louvers’ design and height almost always include accessories and makeup unless the legislation specifically states otherwise. Due to this, you will have to keep it in mind before you decide to finish up your louver installations.

How Tall Are Louvers Really Allowed to Be?

The maximum height of louvers you’re allowed to have can vary based on your area and property since there are no national or state regulations set up at the moment. If you want to get a confirmation on what security structures are acceptable to build in your property’s area, you will want to speak with your city and county planning departments. They are the enforcers for each code restriction that is in effect, and they could provide you with some permits if you don’t need them. We at Hercules Custom Louvers can help point you in the proper direction as far as permits go, and you could even obtain them for a custom louver installation from us.


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