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Is Custom Louver Installation Easier During the Winter?

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Does custom louver installation during the winter really make sense? It’s actually a much more rewarding route than you may realize!

Contrary to popular belief, winter is often a good time for customers to invest in construction projects. People tend to think spring and summer, when the sun is out and the birds are chirping, are the ideal seasons for any kind of construction. However, winter offers big benefits that just aren’t felt during those other seasons. It may be tempting to put off the job until the weather is a tad nicer, but winter custom louver installation just makes sense. Read on to find out some of the top reasons for installing a custom louver this winter.

Get Your Privacy in Shape

During the spring and summer, large trees and bushes may give us the illusion of security and privacy. The truth is, landscaping elements just aren’t great in protecting commercial properties or homes, as they can often give people a place to hide rather than prevent access. During the winter, it’s much easier to see just how these landscaping elements are inadequate for privacy purposes—which makes it all the more important to install a custom louver that can actually address the concern. If security and privacy are your concerns, it’s especially important to take care of during the winter, when there’s less sunlight and fewer people outside to notice if something were to go awry.

Do the Job Fast

You may have started reading this with the thought, “who in their right mind would do a major construction job during the winter?” Well, the truth is, you’re not alone in that line of thinking. Many people believe that you can’t install custom louvers or do any other kinds of big construction jobs during the winter. It’s certainly doable and even during the offseasons many installers still try to book as many projects as possible, but the fact that so many people buy into the misconception that it can’t be done means that installers also have plenty of room in their schedule to install the right louvers for you.

Address Failing Structures

Do you have an old fence in place at your commercial property? Is your generator starting to suffer because you haven’t properly shielded it from the elements? These are just some of the reasons that may incline you to install louvers over traditional structures like regular fences. Winter weather can end up damaging many of these old structures, and if they start to fail, winter is the perfect time to take care of the problem.


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