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4 Questions to Ask Your Custom Louver Contractor

Finding the right custom louver contractor entails finding someone who can walk you through each step of the building process.

Finding the right custom louver contractor entails finding someone who can walk you through each step of the building process.

Choosing to install louvers on your commercial property is a huge investment. Like any construction job, it means a lot of considerations go into it—and one of the largest considerations is who is going to actually get the job done. Being able to work with an expert who will walk you through the entire process and ensure you’re getting what you need is critical, so it’s important that you find a custom louver contractor that you feel comfortable with. Before signing on with a custom louver contractor, be sure you ask these four questions.

Are You Licensed?

Every locality, whether on the state level or even on a city level, likely has different licensing requirements. Just be sure you ask them what the licensing requirements would be for your area and make sure they have the credentials to back it up. Some contractors may offer you big discounts for overlooking something like licensing. The savings could be appealing, but remember that if the louvers end up not working out or if you end up with damage on your property, you won’t have the same kind of legal recourse that you would if you had gone with a licensed custom louver contractor.

What Experience Do You Have?

Having someone with the right amount of experience under their belt is a necessity. Louvers are a fairly niche construction job, so the contractor in question should have at least a few years of experience. This should be backed up by good online reviews or references you can speak to about the quality of their work. See what’s out there and make sure you’re only working with reputable builders.

What About Permits and Utilities?

When it comes to building new structures or even louvers, there’s a whole process of permitting that is confusing for anyone inexperienced. A quality contractor will help you determine what permits must be secured and work you through the process. Additionally, you need to determine where utility lines may be buried before they start working on your louvers. Working with a good louver contractor means they will help determine where those lines are and make sure none of your utilities get interrupted.

Will We Have a Contract?

Before you get any work done, you need a clear, written contract. This should include any estimates as far as labor and materials go. Make sure you’re getting something comprehensive that will keep you safe in the event that anything goes wrong.


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