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3 Security Concerns That Any Facility Manager Should Be Aware Of

Security Concerns
As a facility manager, there are some security concerns that are worth thinking about.

As any facility manager knows, there are a plethora of security risks out there these days. These range from physical issues to concerns surrounding data as we move into an ever-increasingly more digital world. While these problems certainly run the gambit, this has also created a more knowledgeable and effective security community. This means there are professionals tirelessly working to understand what the biggest risks are out there and what kinds of solutions exist to push back against those risks. Today, we want to focus on physical security issues in particular, so read on to find out more about these three security concerns that any facility manager should be aware of.

1. Unsecured Entryways

Any kind of “chokepoint,” where there is a lot of access whether via foot or vehicle, must be properly secured. This could include doors that don’t automatically unlock, garages with no security personnel, or a lack of access control systems where credentials should be checked for. Keeping these sensitive areas secure should be a number one priority, as you want to make sure everyone is funneled into the right areas so they can be properly monitored and checked. Security concerns are exacerbated when entryways are left unsecured.

2. Lack of Optical Security Systems

Optical security systems, such as CCTV systems or more advanced, modern camera systems, can be useful in helping secure a facility. When security concerns do arise, it’s good to have a record of what happened. Law enforcement may take advantage of CCTV footage to get more information about a crime, which is why high-quality HD CCTV systems are important so you can get the most details about any given situation. 

3. Inadequate Perimeter Security

Keeping perimeters secure is fundamental. As important as securing entryways is, you also want to make sure that you’re taking an adequate approach towards making sure that people are only heading through those entryways—which is where making a secure perimeter steps in.  People accessing your building who aren’t supposed to be is high on the list of security concerns, so take whatever steps needed to create a perimeter around a building whether that’s via the use of creative landscaping or physical structures like fences or louvers.


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