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Keeping Your Commercial Property Safe

hercules custom louvers Keeping Your Commercial Property Safe

Let our fencing experts walk you through tips on keeping your commercial property safe.

Statista reported  6.45 million property crime cases in the US in 2020. While this number has dropped in the past 30 years, being that it was 12.66 reported million cases, this statistic is still alarming. Every business owner should protect themselves from losses caused by property crime. Having the proper protection keeps your commercial property investments secure and profitable. Let our fencing experts walk you through tips on keeping your commercial property safe. 

Building Access Restriction

One of the top goals of keeping your commercial property safe is preventing unauthorized access. Securing your building with door locks and security gates will make your property a less appealing and vulnerable target

Access control tips include: 

  • Using mobile access control lets you operate your door locks using mobile credentials. You can manage and monitor cloud-based access control systems remotely using an app. 
  • Utilizing pin pad access control where users will have to enter a unique pin to enter the building 
  • Relying on key/fob access control where keycards and fobs grant access to the building 

Using Surveillance 

Surveillance works to prevent crime by deterring criminals and providing evidence of a crime after it happens. You can choose visible cameras that prevent crime and pair them with hidden cameras not to compromise your camera system. Criminals might get the idea of destroying security cameras to remove evidence. 

Combining Physical and Digital Security

It’s challenging to distinguish between physical and digital security when using cloud-based technologies. Housing your IT and physical security teams together ensure that your cloud-based technologies and cybersecurity strategies align. 

A third party having access to any remote features of your security system could result in a security breach. Therefore, it’s best to integrate digital and physical security to stay up-to-date with the changing security sphere. 

Utilizing IoT Technologies 

The Internet of Things (IoT) details the network of physical things embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies. An example of this could be garage doors that tenants can open remotely using their mobile devices, allowing them to get to work quickly and not open doors manually when it’s cold outside. 

IoT technologies can also help tenants lock doors, adjust the temperature in their rental properties, and reduce their energy consumption. When tenants feel secure, they are more likely to renew their leases. 

Implement a Risk Assessment 

A risk assessment helps you understand your commercial property’s risks. You’ll recognize the changes you need to make in your approach to your building’s safety. A risk assessment also helps you establish health and safety features, ensure that your stairs and smoke alarms comply with regulations, and ensure that your security cameras are in the best location without blind spots. 

Register Your Security System with the Local Authorities 

If the alarm on your property goes off or your security system detects an intruder, the authorities will arrive at the property quickly when you register your security system. There is also a chance they might be able to apprehend intruders and resolve the incident. 

Stay up-to-date and read past content for more tips on keeping your commercial property safe. Hercules Custom Louvers installs the security barriers you need to secure your property. 


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