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How to Protect Your HVAC System this Winter

How to Protect Your HVAC System this Winter

Ice and snow buildup is particularly bad on your HVAC systems, but you can help protect your units.

HVAC system outdoor units are designed to take a beating, but that does not mean that the elements can’t cause some severe damage. Ice and snow buildup is particularly bad on your HVAC systems, but you can help protect your units. Anywhere from louver installations to regular maintenance can help. Here are a few handy tips for protecting your HVAC system from ice and snow this winter from Hercules Custom Louvers!

Don’t Let Ice and Snow Build Up on Your HVAC System

When ice and snow begin to surround your HVAC system, your unit could freeze or shut down entirely. If this happens, then your home will no longer receive any heat, and the pipes inside your house might start to freeze, too, causing plumbing issues. Clear hanging icicles off of any section of your home or building that hangs over the HVAC unit to prevent any damage to the unit that could end up costing you a lot of money.

The best way for you to prevent ice and snow buildup damage is to keep the space around your HVAC unit cleared off. After a big snowstorm, or during one, if you’re experiencing a lot of snow, you can clear up a space that’s at least 18 inches all-around your unit. In addition, keep the tops and sides of your unit uncovered. When removing ice from your unit, try to avoid using sharp objects as you do not want to hurt your fins and coils.

Do Not Block the Exhaust on Your HVAC System

Big piles of snow can block the exhaust of your furnace and prevent the unit from working correctly. Another severe problem with a blocked exhaust is that carbon monoxide may start seeping into your home, which might cause some serious health issues for your family. Most furnace systems have many safety measures in place just in case the exhaust becomes blocked off, but it is always better to be as safe as you can.

Install Louvers

Louvers can offer some excellent protection for your HVAC system. Custom louvers from Hercules Custom Louvers can protect your HVAC system’s entire exterior from any ice or snow. Louvers also are slatted, which still allows for air circulation for your HVAC unit. Consider this an excellent protection and security barrier for your property.

Keep Air Intake Clear

Just like you’d like to let exhaust fumes out, make sure that new air can be brought into your house. If snow is blocking any intake vents, the system will be starved for air that it needs for combustion. Take this into consideration and keep your unit clear.


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