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How to Properly Run an HVAC System Maintenance Schedule

How to Properly Run an HVAC Maintenance Schedule

Its vital that commercial HVAC systems are correctly maintained to keep an ideal and comfortable temperature year-round.

Taking care of your businesses’ commercial HVAC system usually means guaranteeing that visitors and employees within your facility are kept cold or warm, depending on the season. It is a matter of making everybody comfortable, and, just like your HVAC unit at home, some maintenance must go into it. Remember that commercial HVAC systems are built with durability and longevity in mind and should last you for decades to come. Keeping that in mind, it is also vital that commercial HVAC systems are correctly maintained to keep an ideal and comfortable temperature year-round. That is why we have created a helpful list of tips on how to maintain your commercial HVAC system properly. If you have any concerns or questions about protecting your HVAC unit, give Hercules Custom Louvers a call!

Every Month for your HVAC System

Everyone should have some say as to which temperature should be set, so monthly HVAC check-ups to make sure everyone is content is a good idea. Depending on what the weather is like or what season is, a monthly checkup might require you to readjust any thermostats to keep everybody feeling good. Each month, you’re also going to want to swap out any HVAC filters that have run their course, especially if they are dirty. If they’re filthy, it can cause severe problems for those with allergies. Another essential monthly HVAC task is to make sure there isn’t anything blocking your system. This means cleaning out any debris or leaves that might halt productivity for your unit. Installing some custom louvers can help with this.

Every Year for your HVAC System

While a hose can help get your condenser coil clean, it is not enough to last you throughout the entire year. You want to take the time to do a deep clean at least every year. To do so, take a warm bucket of water with some dish soap and spray it onto the HVAC system coils. After that, you have to wipe down the coil with to get it clean again. Yearly checkups from HVAC technicians can do you right as well.

Every Season for your HVAC System

We’re in the thick of spring and will soon be in the summer, which means you might end up using your air conditioning sooner then you think. Check up on any loose connections and fix them up as soon as possible. You want to make sure your HVAC unit is in good working condition and unaffected by the harsh weather conditions of the summer.


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