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Custom Louvers and Dampers: The Primary Differences

Custom Louvers and Dampers: The Primary Differences

Custom louvers and dampers are used for similar purposes.

Custom louvers and dampers are used for similar purposes, like the management of airflow. However, people get the two of them mixed up due to the various similarities that they both have. For example, they both have sharp exterior frames and horizontal blades. They are also very placed on walls and can work as the exhaust entry point for any air that enters or exits. They are also two devices that serve a very similar purpose, and there are also a lot of differences. The main difference between the two of them is that when it comes to creating a new security system or ventilation system, custom louvers can then used to separate things like rain, snow, and outsides from intense or dangerous airflow. Meanwhile, dampers are used chiefly for preventing airflow from a single direction. Read on to learn about the primary differences between your custom louvers and dampers.

Customized Dampers and Louvers

As mentioned earlier, dampers and louvers can both control the airflow in a processed system or an area that is enclosed. They can be located in both motor-driven and gravity-operated editions. The usage of motorized dampers is typically seen in areas where a tight seal is required or when a damper has to work fully against the airflow. Gravity dampers, or as they’re sometimes known as shutters, are required in horizontal fan exhaust applications. On the other hand, louvers are used into areas where protection from debris and water infiltration is needed. When an application needs a lot of protection from extreme weather, potential intruders, or just general privacy and security, louvers are the best choice.

Different Kinds of Dampers and Customized Louvers

Dampers are available in a couple of different shapes, including rectangles, squares, and circles, and are also made of metal. Some types of dampers could be used for pressure relief, and some can be used within HVAC systems, a lot like a set of louvers. The most common type of dampers are backdraft, round isolation, and bubble-tight dampers. There are so many types of louvers, like stationary louvers, adjustable louvers, industrial louvers, and combination louvers, just to name a few. Hercules Custom Louvers specializes in all shapes, sizes, and kinds of louvers. Our own customized louvers that are crafted with aluminum are the best kinds to install on your property.


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