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The Best Winter Weatherproofing HVAC Protection Tips

The Best Winter Weatherproofing HVAC Protection Tips

When you make the investment in a new HVAC unit, you have to make sure it’s protected during the winter.

After your house and your car, your home or business appliances represent some of the biggest financial investments in your entire life. Most people will purchase air conditioning or heating units two or three times for their building, depending on a few different factors. When you make the investment in a new HVAC unit, heat pump, or furnace, you will want to make sure that it lasts long as possible and costs as little as possible to repair or maintain. Now that the winter is here, it is more important than ever to protect your HVAC units from brittle weather conditions. Read on to learn how to weatherproof your HVAC units this winter!

Winterize Your HVAC Unit

It is all too simple to forget about your home’s HVAC unit when the temperatures begin to head south for the winter. Yet come springtime, it can be an unpleasant surprise to see that winter storms have created some costly maintenance needs that have to be addressed before you can ever use your HVAC unit again. This is why it is so essential to winterize and weatherproof your unit well way in advance.

Schedule End-of-Season HVAC Inspection and Tune-Up

After your HVAC unit has been running all summer and fall, it is reasonable to assume that there has been a bit of wear and tear. Having the unit inspected for your safety will ensure there are no loose connections or wires that could create a fire risk during the winter. Similarly, when you schedule a seasonal maintenance tune-up, you get a jump on your spring cleaning by making minor repairs now while it is still fresh on your mind. This way, once the weather warms up again, all you’ll have to do is turn on your air conditioning to enjoy the cool.

Cover Your Outside Components for Better HVAC Protection

It is true that not everybody is a fan of covering up their HVAC components during the winter. A too-tight cover could create moisture that leads to mildew, mold, or even unwelcome winter occupants like insects and rodents. However, leaving your HVAC unit exposed to the elements could cause costly damage, too, especially when Maryland’s snowstorms hit. Here, we recommend covering your HVAC unit fully with some kind of shelter or temporary roof for it that will still allow for air circulation.

If you cover your HVAC unit, pick a waterproof yet breathable barrier to guard against the brutal weather conditions. Also, make sure that this barrier can open up. One of the top solutions is a custom louver. Louvers from Hercules can be customized and built to fit your HVAC system’s exact sizes and measurements. If you decide to install some louvers, it can be one of the best forms of exterior protection and security for your HVAC unit this winter.

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