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How to Secure Your Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Securing your commercial property is necessary in keeping everyone safe.

If you own and operate a commercial property, chances are that security is one of your main concerns. If you have not taken proper care and time to take the right steps to make sure that intruders are kept out, yourself and your property are at risk of an attack. This article will discuss some ways to ensure that your commercial property is safe and secure.

Assess Risk

The first and most important step to securing any type of property is risk assessment. You must identify and weak points there are in your business or in your business’s property. Ask your employees what they think the biggest risk areas are; they might notice something you missed. You can also seek advice from the surrounding community about crime happening in your area.

Strengthen and Secure

Once you complete a thorough risk assessment, it is time to sure up and entry point. Install windows and doors made of sturdy, durable materials that cannot be easily broken down. Think about whether or not you would like to install extra locks as well. After doors and windows are handled, secure the perimeter of your commercial property. Even if a potential intruder sees security measures have been taken, they can be deterred from  commencing a break in. invest in fencing, security lighting, and a secure parking lot to prevent anyone you do not want entering your property. Try to strike a balance between inviting and disinviting, because you do not want to put off potential customers.

Another way to add some extra security and to give you peace of mind is to install CCTV and alarms on your property. Not only will CCTV put off people who want to break in, but if someone does break in, you can identify the criminal via video footage. Install loud alarms as well so if someone does break in, the alarms will scare them off before they can do any irreparable damage to your business.

Know Your Employees and Customers

Establish a presence at your commercial building so you are known as the owner and operator to employees and visitors alike. Conduct background checks on anyone you hire and keep an eye out for any sketchy clients who frequent your establishment on a regular basis, as they may be casing the place for a later break in. Conduct regular security checks not only on your security systems and alarms, but on your workers as well. Advertise to your workers and the public that you have invested in security systems by putting stickers on windows and even a sign by your front entrance.

Questions? Call Hercules Louvers

If you still have questions regarding security for your commercial property, we here at Hercules Louvers are here to help. Visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-331-2590. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest too!

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