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Should You Install Louvers During the Spring?


Looking to install louvers? Spring may be the ideal time to do so.

Now that we’re in the midst of spring, it’s likely that you’re taking the time to think about how you can improve your commercial property a bit. Employees are spending their lunches outdoors, guests are coming to visit in droves, and it’s time to step up your commercial aesthetic a bit. Doing so can attract new customers or clients and can go a long way in developing your professional future. Spring is a great time to install louvers, which can add some privacy, security, and a touch of professionalism that you may need, so let’s take a look at why spring may be the right time for you.

Nice Weather

Summers can lead to uncomfortable outdoor working conditions and it can make it hard for the job to get done in a timely manner. Instead, spring offers nice temperatures outside thanks to the mild weather, so you don’t have to worry about the job constantly being interrupted by too much heat or even thunderstorms. Plus, if you’re overseeing the job, you want to make sure you’re comfortable while watching the construction take place as well!

Ready Before Summer

Summer is one of the peak times for many businesses. This may include your business, where you want to ensure all of your outdoor elements are taken care of long before those months roll around. Take advantage of spring by having your louvers installed now rather than putting it off until much later. Louvers are fantastic for privacy as well as security, too, so you want to make sure you’re amping up your approach towards physical security before summer hits and everyone is spending their time outside.

Contractors Have Free Time

Most people opt for these kinds of projects during the summer. This means that contractors are all booked up and are rushing around town to get all of their jobs finished. Spring is right before that big rush, so you can still get your work in and have everything done within the timeframe you need, rather than having the pacing of the job dictated by how heavy their workload is.


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