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How Fences Can Be Used With Your Landscape


Whether you opt for industrial louvers or traditional wood fencing, incorporating your landscaping efforts is an awesome option.

When purchasing a new house one of the biggest changes you will make will be towards your landscape. You’ll want to change the outside making it fit your personality and creating the curb appeal to leave an impression on the area and look professional. With updating the landscape, privacy will be a concern and either updating or adding fencing will be suggested by your landscaper. If you’re lacking the basic knowledge about what type of fencing like louvers or security fences you should use and how fencing shouldn’t be used with your landscape, here are some quick tips to understand all the suggestions your landscaper will make.

How-To with Fencing

As mentioned before, fencing is used for privacy purposes. Although it can define when your property begins and ends, fencing is ultimately to separate houses from each other and maintain privacy, especially if the houses are close to each other. When deciding to add fencing to your landscape, it’s is important to make sure you are using the correct landscaping products and tools. Fencing comes in all sizes, designs, and elements to add to the curb appeal to your property. You may opt for louvers like our custom aluminum louvers or choose traditional wooden fencing.

After you establish the style of fencing you want to use, decide the height of the fence for your landscape. If you are building the fence because privacy is an issue, we would suggest raising the height 5-6 inches. The best way to know if you have a good height is making sure you’re unseen when sitting down outside.

Dont’s for Fencing

There are a couple of things to note not to do with fencing with your landscape. First, do not go overboard with high fencing because you will regret it. Achieving the highest possible privacy may be your goal, but completely blocking yourself out with a barricade will not look appealing just like it sounds unappealing. Instead, think about using high rising louvers. You should also consider building either a wall or a hedge.

Also, fences do not serve as a soundproof wall. If you have noisy neighbors or your property is in an area with a lot of noise pollution, building a fence will not block out the noise, but only the sight. Sound easily penetrates through fences, so you will hear the noise the same as if the fence was not there. Lastly, it’s important to note that fences do not help with wind. Most people put fencing down thinking that it will prevent their backyard from being windy, but that is far from the truth. Wind won’t flow through the fence, but will go up and over the fence right into your yard. If you have questions about what is best, consult your landscaper.


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