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3 Critical Considerations to Make Before Installing Custom Louvers

Custom Louvers

Before installing custom louvers, you may want to take these major considerations into mind.

You’ve taken the time to cultivate a commercial facility, which costs a lot of money and energy as well. It’s no wonder then that you want to opt for a physical barrier like a fence. It can go a long way in furthering the aesthetics of your property, create an atmosphere of security, and even help establish a sense of privacy. There are numerous reasons to take advantage of custom louvers, but there are some major questions you want to ask yourself before you even get started.

Your Budget Vs. Your Desires

First, you want to think about how much you’re willing to spend—and what you want to get for your money. Custom louvers can vary in price by quite a bit, especially depending on any kind of extra features you may want. While custom louvers are certainly affordable, it’s good to think about what your budget really is. There are some more affordable fencing options out there, though it really depends on whether or not you’re willing to compromise. Sure, something like chain like may get the job done, but does it fit in with the look your property is going for?

How Visible Should Things Be?

Visibility is always a factor when it comes to custom louvers. Louvers are slatted, which can reduce available visibility and make it more difficult to see what’s going on. In many situations, this is ideal: it can prevent anyone from peeking in and seeing what’s going on behind closed doors. With that said, though, there may be instances where you still want to retain a decent amount of visibility. This is an instance where you may want to look into a traditional fencing option, but if not, louvers may be right for you.

Zoning Regulations

Depending on where your business is, there may be certain zoning regulations regarding physical barriers like this. While commercial zones are usually much more lenient in what they may allow, it’s always essential to think about what your particular area looks like and how louvers may fit in. Make sure to consult all of the proper local channels as well.


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