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What Goes into the Make and Model of Your Louvers?

What Goes into the Make and Model of Your Louvers?

Custom louvers are defined by their flat strip or angled slats, typically wrapped around all commercial buildings.

Without truly realizing it, you have probably seen louvers at one point or another, although you might not have known the name for them. Custom louvers are defined by their flat strip or angled slats, typically wrapped around all commercial buildings. They are a type of fencing structure that lets airflow and prevents dirt, debris, and other moisture from entering. Whether utilized for security, utility reasons, or for privacy, custom louvers definitely have their set of benefits, but how do they really work? Read on to learn so much more!

Free Space and Free Zones

As easy as louver construction might seem, there is a lot of math that goes into the design. For example, free area uses the total open space and then divides it by the wall’s opening. You would also subtract any obstructions, such as the frames or the blades. Usually, the free area uses about 35 to 60 percent of the wall opening, although the higher the overall percentage, the more air is allowed to pass through it. Adequate louver design should also be minimizing water flow.

Considerations for Water

Tests could also be done to measure just how much water can pass through a louver, depending on what it is used for. This is compared alongside airflow to get a more accurate picture of how these custom louvers will function once they’re installed.

Limiting or Preventing Airflow

One test that is sometimes done can measure the airflow resistance as a result of any obstruction. This can include coils, filters, ductwork, or any other kind of a building that could prevent airflow. Air is pushed right through the louver at different velocities to determine the leading cause of resistance. This is highly dependent on the shape and angle of your blades, although it is crucial to know in case you are using louvers for a specific purpose, like to surround your building’s generators.

Louvers for Science

While custom louvers can be an effective building tool, a lot goes into the main design. For them to work correctly, it is important to do the needed research and prep work. Checking for water penetration, the resistance of airflow, and other factors might not seem that serious, but when it comes to the performance of your HVAC system or generator being influenced by your louvers, those small details can add up.


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