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Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Aluminum Louvers

Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Aluminum Louvers

Aluminum louvers are very easy to clean and maintain.

After your louver contractors have gone away, you are now left with a beautiful new set of aluminum louvers. You have made a wise choice installing these louvers. In order to keep them looking sharp, though, you should look for the most simple ways to keep them looking brand new. Thankfully, aluminum louvers are very easy to clean and maintain. Read on to learn just how to take care of your louvers this year!

Simple and Easy Cleaning for Your Aluminum Louvers

Aluminum is a very easy material when it comes down to cleaning. The aluminum louvers won’t rust, so using water and cleaning products should keep it in tip-top shape for plenty of years to come. If your aluminum louvers get any types of stains on them, use a bristle brush to remove any of those pesky stains. Don’t use a power washer because it could damage the metals. Rinse it from the top to bottom to avoid any dirt streaks too.

Routine Inspections

You should make it a real habit to inspect your louvers consistently. Looking for some loose posts, broken slats, or broken hardware can save you from any pricey repairs in the near future. As you find any potential damages, repair them soon or call your trusted louver contractors from Hercules Custom Louvers. The quicker these repairs are able to be made, the less damage the rest of your louver setup will incur.

Avoid Any Damages for Your Aluminum Louvers

No matter which type of louver material you have, whether it’s aluminum or stainless steel, you should always do what you can to avoid any costly damages, especially when they are entirely preventable. Do not leave the gates to your property open so people can come in and cause damages to your louver slats, hinges, or your surrounding property in general. If you have any weeds or gardening by your louvers, make sure to cut them with a handheld trimmer or pull them all out by hand. Anything that is bigger could potentially scratch or cut your aluminum louvers if they grow too big. You also don’t want your HVAC system, which your louvers might be protecting, to experience any possible damage. Keep rocks or other landscaping pieces away from your louvers to avoid possible damages.


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